The International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group – lending to private clients such as companies, banks and private equity funds.

Founded in 1956, its stated mission is to “leverage the power of the private sector for global good.”

The IFC works in over 100 countries, and has 186 member countries, much the same as the World Bank. It has the same Board as the World Bank, with shares dominated by the US, with a 20% voting power, and European countries, which together hold 25%. In 2023, it had a total portfolio of $43.7 billion.

As well as being a major investor, the IFC is also a global standard setter. Its Performance Standards form the basis of the Equator Principles, which have been endorsed by over 120 private financial institutions worldwide.

Recourse’s work on the International Finance Corporation

Recourse focuses on the IFC’s lending to financial intermediaries – third parties such as commercial banks and private equity funds. This type of lending is inherently risky since it relies on the IFC’s client to uphold social and environmental standards.

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