Recourse has three meanings which define our mission:

  • Recourse (verb: Change of course or direction)
    Recourse campaigns to redirect international financial flows away from dirty, harmful investments, towards greener and more inclusive development
  • Recourse (noun: A source of help in a difficult situation)
    Recourse works in partnership with others to support communities in their struggle for their rights to be respected and their voices to be heard
  • Recourse (noun: The legal right to demand compensation or payment)
    Recourse holds financial institutions to account for harms to people and the environment

Our team


Nezir Sinani

Nezir is a seasoned international development specialist with experience in environmental and social policy research, strategic communications, and civil society advocacy. Nezir joined Recourse in October 2015. As a former Research Analyst for the Institute for Development Policy in Kosovo and Climate Program Manager at Bank Information Center, he has in-depth understanding of the engagement of civil society to advocate for sustainable development standards and safeguards. Nezir has also served as Corporate Communications Manager for a state-owned energy company in Kosovo, where he led public outreach and media engagement during a process of structural reform in the energy sector, and as a Communications Specialist for a governance reform program funded by USAID in Kosovo, focusing on civil society engagement, civic education, and awareness campaigns. He holds an M.S. in Service Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a B.A. in English from the University of Pristina. He is fluent in English and Albanian, and is proficient in Serbo-Croatian and German.

Kate Geary

Kate became Recourse’s Co-Director in November 2017. Previously, Kate led Oxfam’s advocacy on land rights, working in support of communities affected by land grabs and campaigning for policy change; and was also a policy adviser for Oxfam on climate change and the private sector. Before joining Oxfam in 2004, Kate worked for a number of environmental and human rights organisations – including TERRA in Southeast Asia – and was Coordinator of the Ilisu Dam Campaign coalition, including Friends of the Earth, the Kurdish Human Rights Project and The Corner House. She has published a number of reports including Our Land, Our Lives; The New Forests Company and its Uganda Plantations; Now or Never; Climate Change: Time to get down to business; The Forecast for Tomorrow: The UK’s climate for change; co-author of Dams Inc: The record of twelve European dam-building companies; and for several years was Managing Editor of Watershed magazine in Thailand. She has a degree in Modern Languages from Oxford University.

Petra Kjell Wright

Campaigns manager
Petra joined Recourse in March 2018. Before this, she worked with the Bank Information Center and as a Programme Manager at the Bretton Woods Project, monitoring the World Bank, for over five years where she coordinated the work on environment, human rights and social impacts. She has previously worked at organisations, such as Progressio, the New Economics Foundation, and the World Development Movement, focusing on social and environmental issues, including sustainable and equitable water resources management and climate change. She has also spent one year working in Tanzania for a conservation organisation. Petra holds an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS, University of London, a BSc in Social Science from University of Stockholm, Sweden, and a PGDip in Environment and Sustainability from Birkbeck, University of London.

Fran Witt

Gas Campaign Manager
Fran has over 30 years international development experience, with an emphasis on climate justice, economic justice, development finance and international human rights. As a consultant in development finance advocacy, Fran has worked to support and advise Eurodad, the Financial Transparency Coalition, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, Publish What You Fund and Financial Justice Ireland, as well as working with Anti-Slavery International to build their Climate Change and Modern Slavery strategy. Previously Fran worked as International Advocacy Manager at Christian Aid where she worked with staff, international partners and coalitions to influence the UNFCCC climate negotiations, including COP21 in Paris. She was instrumental in establishing the Big Shift Global campaign which has strongly influenced energy investment policy at the World Bank. Fran holds an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development from SOAS, University of London, and is a fluent Spanish speaker, and proficient in French.

Marjorie Pamintuan

Finance Campaigner
Marjorie Pamintuan joined Recourse in 2023 as its Finance Campaigner. Prior to joining Recourse, she worked with civil society and feminist organisations in Asia Pacific on sustainable development issues, including on the nexus of human rights and trade and investment agreements. Marjorie is fluent in both English and Filipino.

Daniel Willis

Finance Campaign Manager
Daniel Willis is a researcher and policy analyst with expertise in climate justice and development finance. He joins Recourse after three years working for Global Justice Now where he worked on campaigns to shift UK public finance out of fossil fuels and to hold development finance institutions accountable for their investments. Daniel’s research has been featured in stories published by the GuardianiNewsIndependentTimesDevex and open Democracy, and he recently gave evidence to the UK’s International Development Committee on investments made by British International Investment. Daniel also holds a PhD in History and Latin American Studies from University College London, and has published several pieces of research in peer-reviewed journals.

Federico Sibaja

IMF Campaign Manager
Federico Sibaja joined Recourse in 2023 as IMF Campaign Manager. As an economist from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Federico has experience working in policymaking and in civil society in Argentina and Belgium. As a former researcher in Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN) in Argentina, he led the work on the link between the debt crisis and climate policy, including the IMF’s role in accelerating fossil fuel extraction and the risks entailed by proposals like debt-for-climate swaps. His work also focused on the role of international public finance institutions in Vaca Muerta. He has previously worked in Sandbag as EU Climate Policy Campaigner during the wrapping up of the Fit for 55 Package files. He also has experience in Argentina in policymaking on climate and environmental policy. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French, and is proficient in Italian and Portuguese.

Dr. Alison Doig

Clean Energy Campaign Manager
Alison has worked for more than 25 years on the intersection of energy, the environment and international development.  As a policy expert and advocate, her work has included establishing the Big Shift campaign while at Christian Aid, supporting global south movements calling for climate justice in the Paris Climate Agreement, highlighting the health benefits of a fossil free world, and a career calling for investment in renewable energy for all. Her PhD was in off-grid renewable electrification in Northern India, and she has authored many publications on energy, climate justice and development. She started working with Recourse in 2022 developing a methodology for World Bank Paris Alignment and its transition to supporting sustainable, renewable economies. Alison is now managing the clean energy campaign.

Grace Ronoh

Africa Finance Campaign Manager
Grace is an energy and climate professional with vast experience in advocacy and policy formulation. She brings over 7 years of experience in the implementation of projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has been involved in the implementation of SDG 7 priorities, including in energy planning approaches, monitoring, and reporting. She also has experience in engagement with Multilateral Development Banks, including the World Bank and the African Development Bank on the SDG 7 and 13 priorities. She is also well versed in participatory community-based planning processes. She has worked at international and regional levels advocating for favorable policies responsive to the needs of communities. She has been involved in UNFCCC processes since 2018, mainly organising and movement building for CSOs and is also well versed on energy transition issues in Africa. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from the Pan African University of Life and Earth Sciences, University of Ibadan, Lagos, and a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from Kenyatta University, Nairobi.

Ceren Temizyürek

Ceren has worked with Recourse since June 2020. She has a strong interest in development and environment-related issues and supports Recourse with IFI research, analysis and coordination, including on financial intermediaries and policy based lending. Ceren has undergraduate degrees in Economics and German Studies from Wellesley College in the US, and a master’s degree in Political Economy from Central European University. She previously worked with Urgewald. Ceren is fluent in English, Turkish, German and Italian.

Madeleine Race

Communications Lead
Madeleine joined the Recourse team in April 2024, charged with shaping and growing the communications strategy and output. She brings a range of experience in communications, media, network engagement and fundraising for international nonprofits. Before joining Recourse, Madeleine worked for Friends of the Earth International in Amsterdam, where she led comms work on climate justice, energy transition and food sovereignty topics. Previous to that, she worked for community-based development organisation Tostan in Dakar (Senegal), Hospice UK in London, and was a CharityWorks trainee. Originally from the UK, she is fluent in English and French, gets by in Italian and Spanish, and knows some Dutch. She holds a BA Hons in Modern Languages from Newcastle University and a MSc in Violence, Conflict & Development from SOAS, University of London. When not behind her computer, she can be found baking in the kitchen, hiking up a nearby hill, or lost in a book.
Khulekani Magwaza headshot

Khulekani Magwaza

Clean Finance Campaigner
Khulekani Magwaza has more than ten years of experience in advocating and campaigning for climate and energy justice and human rights, working with civil society organisations in Africa and globally. Before joining the Recourse team in June 2024, he was an African Regional Coordinator for a campaign to take climate change to the International Court of Justice and other regional legal courts and tribunals. He has been a campaigner for climate and energy justice, focusing on Just Transition and nuclear power in the Southern African Countries, and has represented international faith based organisations at UNFCCC and other multilateral platforms. Khulekani is passionate about community development and interdependence of human and natural systems. He is based in South Africa.


Susanne Breitkopf

Susanne Breitkopf, Policy Manager at the Environmental Investigation Agency in the US, has worked on forests, natural resources and governance for over 20 years. For eight years, she served at Greenpeace International as forest campaigner, political advisor, and team leader for international forest and climate policy. A German national, she has lived and worked with different civil society organisations in Europe, Africa and North America. Susanne joined Recourse’s Board in 2015.

Joe Athialy

Joe Athialy is Executive Director of Centre for Financial Accountability, New Delhi.  He has previously worked with the Bank Information Center, Amnesty International, Narmada Bachao Andolan, and various other human rights and accountability institutions in leading positions. He is a key organiser on issues of accountability of International and National financial institutions with regard to the impact of their activities on human rights and environment. He joined Recourse’s Board in March 2019.

Makoma Lekalakala

Director of Earthlife Africa Jhb an environmental justice and anti-nuclear organisation.  Makoma is a strong campaigner for a just and fair society. Her commitment to climate justice in South Africa has led civil society to win the first South African climate change legal court case against the government and the reversal of the nuclear deal by the South African and the Russian government. For her efforts she received the WWF Living Awards Honourable Mention in 2017 , the Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa in 2018 and the Nick Steel Environmentalist of the Year 2018 amongst other accolades. Recently appointed to the Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Committee a body tasked in advising the President on process of a just transition to a low carbon development.

Theodoros Chronopoulos

Theodoros Chronopoulos, Senior Programme Officer for Africa and Russia at EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation. He previously led the Social Justice Programme of the Sigrid Rausing Trust which supported innovative strategies designed to strengthen accountability for human rights violations perpetrated in the pursuit of economic development. As part of this work, Theodoros helped support activists and advocacy organisations to build legal instruments, bring transparency and accountability to public and private development financing institutions and protect human rights. Over the past decade, Theodoros has worked with activists and NGO leaders in Africa and Europe, facilitating communities of practice, co-designing and implementing research, learning and reflection projects and collaboratively developing strategies to strengthen social and economic rights and public participation in decision-making.

Ryan Brightwell

Ryan Brightwell is Director of Research and Communications for BankTrack and leads its human rights campaign work. He joined BankTrack in 2012, before which worked as a specialist in ethical financewith The Co-operative Bank in the UK. He is also a board member at the Customer Union for Ethical Banking. He has been working at the intersection of private sector banks and sustainability for over 15 years and is a leading advocate for respect for human rights at private sector commercial banks. Ryan joined the Board of Recourse in January 2022.