• 09.07.2020
  • Rights & Accountability
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Civil society groups from around the world signed a letter to the CEO of the International Finance Corporation, Philippe Le Houérou, calling on him to revise the IFC’s response to an investigation into a controversial dam project.

The Compliance Advisor Ombudsman found that IFC has breached its own safeguards and failed to prevent harm, but IFC refused to accept responsibility or provide any remedy to harms caused to mainly indigenous local communities in Santa Cruz Barillas.

The letter urges the IFC to listen to the voices of the affected communities and draws attention to the statement of the People’s Assembly of Huehuetenango.

The letter reads: “For IFC to deny the connection between the project and the social conflict and repression, to offer no form of remedy whatsoever to the majority indigenous communities of Santa Cruz Barillas, and for it to base this response on misleading evidence, is unacceptable.”

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