• 19.05.2022
  • Rights & Accountability
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Civil society groups from across Asia, Europe and Latin America are staging the first ever virtual walk out during a session about the future direction of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) energy sector financing. The AIIB is currently in the process of updating its 2018 Energy Sector Strategy, and has invited public comment on a proposed draft between April 8th and June 3rd. However, today’s one hour online session together with a similar session scheduled for one hour tomorrow, are the only time slots the Bank has opened for groups from around the world to directly raise questions and concerns to staff over the course of the eight week consultation period, leaving no time for meaningful engagement and discussion.

The group of organizations from diverse social sectors made the decision to join the AIIB’s consultation session scheduled today in order to read out a collective statement of denunciation,  before staging the online walk out, while others will convey a similar message by boycotting the process entirely.

Asia Fossil Gas Red-Flag Map

Asia Fossil Gas Red-Flag Map